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Vanda Vadas author of historical romances

Welcome to My World

Born in Papua New Guinea and raised under the canopy of the rainforest, I found my first love in the stories hidden within the ancient stones of England’s Warwick Castle. My childhood adventures across the globe—from the bluebell woods of England to the traditional parades in Canada—ignited a passion for history and storytelling that has never faded.

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My Story

Journey Through Time

My travels have taken me around the world, always pulling me towards the echoes of the past. Whether it's the Viking shores, the medieval courts, or the pirate-infested waters of the Caribbean, these journeys have enriched my novels, blending the essence of historical events with the thrilling narratives of romance.

Literary Beginnings

Despite discovering romance literature later in life, the genre quickly became my calling. It was during my commutes as a working mother that I reconnected with romance novels, sparking the dream to pen my own. This led to the creation of beloved works such as The Pirate Lord, a historical romance inspired by my travels and a #1 Best Seller on Amazon Australia.

A Life Enriched by Storytelling

Before becoming a celebrated author, I taught at various educational levels and worked in both the banking and recruitment sectors. Now, with my children embarked on their own life journeys, I continue to draw inspiration from my surroundings and my supportive husband, my real-life hero. Together, we've crafted a life filled with stories, just waiting to be told.

Join me in uncovering the layers of history and romance in each of my books, where the past is always just a page away.

Vanda Vadas

Acclaimed Works

The Pirate Lord

Dive into a tale of love and adventure on the high seas.

This Amazon Australia #1 Best Seller brings the golden age of piracy to vibrant life.

Treasured Love

Explore a collection of award-winning stories that celebrate the beauty of both new and enduring love. Recognized as a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree.

The Prodigal Laird

Set a year after the Battle of Culloden, this gripping Scottish Historical made its mark on the Top 100 Bestsellers list on Amazon (AU), iBooks (AU), and Kobo (AU).

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